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A Blast from the Past: GOG

18 Nov

GOG (GoodOldGames for those not in the know) represents a new era of purchasing PC games online. The brainchild of Polish developers CDProjekt RED, all games published on the site are:

  • DRM Free
  • Come packed full of goodies; and
  • The games (many of which are over a decade old) will have no issue working on your PC!

CD Projekt are strong opposers to the DRM movement that is inherent in digital media today.  They’re a customer service based company, catering to the PC gamer, which in turn means the PC gamer has done them a favour.  GOG realised that corporate politics used by media baddies such as EA to swindle their customers rarely works. The answer back from the consumer is to swindle the company back, resorting to piracy to get the game they want. GOG’s answer is instead to offer goodies such as artwork, soundtracks and wallpapers with each of their games and they rely heavily on the game developers to realise the potential they could reap by using GOG as a retail outlet.

Of course, this is never going to be an easy thing to try to combat. In the digital age, publishers are obviously concerned about their product being pirated, hence the enforcement of DRM’s on their products. Unfortunately, in the age of the “elite hacker”, there doesn’t exist a DRM that hasn’t already been hacked. That’s why GOG fight piracy in their own way, giving an incentive to those who would seek to “steal”. In fact, glimpsing over many of the GOG game reviews, the general gist from the consumer appears to be: “I would have stolen it, but I’m willing to drop $5.99 for a company that actually treats with respect, and not punishment from the get go!”.  It’s the respect that keeps them coming back, and boy do they keep coming back for more!

You don’t need to look far to see what GOG can do for old games. Take for instance Revolution’s adventure series: Broken Sword. GOG offers all 4 games on its website, ranging  in price from $5.99-$9.99 (GOG always charge in $USD, so you’ll never be subject to shifty abroad inflation, we’re looking at you Adobe…), and since the resurgence, has garnered a respectable new fanbase- which in turn has led to the rumours that a Broken Sword 5 is in development!!!

Plans are already underway to extend their catalogue, following the huge success of Witcher 2 (which the company developed), and it won’t be long until they’re yapping on the heels of Steam or Origin. It’s a whole new perspective to the piracy argument, and it’s obviously working well for the company, who have been making a profit from their first day in business.

Treating their customers fairly is the most important thing for GOG. The Witcher 2, by sister company CD Projekt RED offered it’s latest “Volume 2” DLC for free, and when signing into GOG for the first time, you are treated to a small supply of free games (6 of them to be exact!)- with “Beneath a Steel Sky” being included in that list!

I would strongly recommend GOG to those who haven’t heard of it before, I would wager a very high bet that after trying the service for free that you’d definitely go back again!

To see how GOG works visit it here.